You & I

“You & I” reflects my experience of living away from my home country. Through my relationships with people who have different perspectives, I learn who I am, and it helps me to see myself more objectively. Building comfortable relationships allows me to feel more at home. Each relationship that I enjoy, need, and struggle with are just as essential for me to live as my need for sun and water. The relationships with my family, siblings, friends and lovers are all unique, and I discover different parts of me within them.

During the glassblowing process, I sometimes see the molten glass as a creature that has a consciousness and tries to challenge my mastery of the material. Every time the glass shows me different textures or peculiarities, I change my relationship with the material. I try to have conversations with the glass to cultivate its characteristics. Glass becomes not only a material, but also my fickle friend, reflecting my inspiration and concentration. This is how I use glass to symbolize humans, and the relationships of you and I.

nao yamamoto Copyright 2013
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