We are the Ripples in the Universe

I used to think I have to fix myself.

Talk less, lose weight, compromise more.

But as I open my eyes to spirituality it taught me that I’m here to be myself, and love myself as it is.

We often get scared of being emotional, or create conflict with others so we hide what we really think or who we really are. Everyone is wanting to be a robot.

Universe inspires me to not afraid of making ripples, even thought it crashes with others and disturb my peace. To create the unique patterns and experiences we have to bump into each other.

I do wish to have good meaningful dramas rather than hurtful empty ones. Therefor I choose my words carefully and act thoughtfully, and try to see the positive side as much as possible. When shit happens it is only there to teach me something.

This world is made with love.

So I trust and make ripples.

Embrace each flaws and characteristics, even my emotional burst, because that makes me who I am, a human.

nao yamamoto Copyright 2013
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