Convenient Culture: Pizza

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These pizza are part of the installation I made in “blown away”, to bring up the issue I see in the developed countries.
People want fast, cheap and perfect in everything nowadays we tend to forget the impact we are giving to the environment.

I wanted to create something visually unappetizing so that people will stop eating fast food.

At the same time I'm fascinated by this American icon and inspiration. These composition of circles make our mouth watery and crave the certain taste.

I hope this whimsical sculpture would be a reminder of the risk and symbol of our convenient culture.


Width: 7-8 inch

Height: 4-5 inch

You'll receive one of the pizza chose by Nao Yamamoto.

※ not accepting return or cancel without proper reason.

※ this is made with glass, please handle with care.

Thank you for the support!

nao yamamoto Copyright 2013
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